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 Scrim Rules

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Scrim Rules  Empty
PostSubject: Scrim Rules    Scrim Rules  Icon_minitimeMon Jul 05, 2010 10:08 pm

1) Teamspeak is a must! No better way to put but like this "NO TEAMSPEAK NO CLAN WAR!"
2) LT or leader is always in charge even if someone else made the room.
3) If no LT or leader is in there with u the highest rank in the room is in charge. ( that means that nobody else should be talking)
4) If there is more of u than the room will hold split up into 2 scrim teams (4v4 or 5v5 etc.)
5) You do not need Leader or LTs ok to scrim. You may scrim anytime u like.
6) No leaving clan battles, even if you're severly losing stick it out.
7) Again no QQing in scrims.
Cool If u think the other team is hacking save and report.

If u do not comply with these rules or other rules warnigns and kicks will be issued!
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Scrim Rules
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